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What Drives Us:

The Serenity Center is a psychiatric practice that treats the whole person.  We treat individuals for mental health and addiction issues.
We understand that relapse is part of the recovery process; we are not here to judge. 
Serenity Center offers Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone) and other treatments prescribed by physicians that have specialized training in addictive client therapies.

To provide holistic treatment to individuals of all ages meeting by providing an array of services to meet all their mental health recovery needs. The Serenity Center is committed to treatment needs of all children, adolescents, adults and seniors within Ashtabula, Columbiana, Mahoning 
​and Trumbull counties. The primary service goal is to provide the highest quality outpatient treatment care by utilizing a continuum of care treatment approach. 

Coming Soon:  Afterschool Programs

Did you know... ?

One out 14 Americans suffers from depression.
But many associate
depression with sadness
while other symptoms like
guilt, low energy, loss of
interest, change in sleep and appetite are ignored.  At
Serenity Center we look at
​each patient individually and customize their treatment
needs. Our therapists work
to develop coping skills
while medication are
offered if needed.

Our Mission:

These current and prospective goals remain as priority for this growing and expanding corporation. The goals and commitments are as follows:

  • A solid commitment to provide mental health and substance abuse services to all individuals, with an emphasis on the Indigent and underinsured individuals and families as identified in the description of customers listed above.
  • To create and implement a continuum of accessible outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse services, with multiple levels of care ranging from Outpatient and Crisis Intervention services to the targeted communities.
  • To provide multi-functional center of care to provide comprehensive Medical Care and Primary Care Medical Services, in conjunction with all behavioral health and substance abuse services.