• Home Based Counseling Services for Seniors
  • Nursing Services and Education
  • Peer Support Services
  • Primary Care Services/Medical Services
  • Marriage and Family Counseling
  • Psychotherapy Groups
  • Veteran’s and Spouse Services
  • Adjunctive Therapies (Wellness, Yoga, Mindfulness)
  • Aftercare Program

  • Council for Boys and Young Men

Access to Services:

Mental Health Services:

  • Diagnostic Assessment
  • Pediatric Assessment and Treatment
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Pharmacological Management and Education
  • Counseling Services: Group, Individual and Family
  • Case Management (CPST) Services
  • Trauma Focused Services and Interventions
  • Goal and Treatment Planning
  • Services to Special Populations
  • Geriatric Mental Health Services
  • Nursing Home Based Services

Our goal at Serenity Center is to provide the most comprehensive care available to clients by making our services easily accessible. We provide “Open Access” for walk in services and scheduled appointments Monday-Saturday in our locations. Because we can provide an “Open Access” treatment approach, clients are able to have their needs quickly assessed. This approach will alleviate an unnecessary and costly Emergency Room evaluations. If an individual does require a higher level of care for treatment, we are able to facilitate admissions directly to both inpatient psychiatric units in Trumbull and Mahoning counties.  Call for hours and locations.

Mental Health Services

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